Preventative dentistry saves you £££’s and could even save your life!

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dental neglect

Ignoring the health of your teeth and gums until there is no choice and you HAVE to see a dentist and the costs to get you back to good dental health become much, much higher than having preventative dentistry in the first place!

A dental check up and a couple of hygiene appointments at Appledore, your local dentist in Milton Keynes, are just £17 per month on the ABC, what’s your reason for not preventing dental decay?

ABC = Appledore Bonus Club, specially created and exclusive for Appledore patients, click here to find out more …

Dental health is incredibly important, the impact of dental neglect (aside from the havoc caused in the mouth) echoes around the entire body. 

Did you know gum disease is associated with an increased risk of developing heart disease and strokes?!

Poor dental health increases the risk of a bacterial infection in the blood stream, which can affect the heart valves. Oral health may be even more important if you have artificial heart valves.

The bacteria that infect the gums and cause gingivitis and periodontis also travel to blood vessels elsewhere in the body where they cause blood vessel inflammation and damage, thus causing tiny blood clots and heart attack and stroke may follow.

Joining the ABC and paying just £17 per month may save not just your teeth but your life!  What’s your reason for not preventing dental decay?

For this small monthly payment of just £17 you get:-

  • An annual dental check up with an experienced Appledore dentist
  • 6 monthly hygiene visits
  • Advice on how to look after your teeth and gums
  • Priority appointment booking
  • FREE routine xrays (when required)
  • 10% discount on specific treatments
  • Yearly vouchers
  • Worldwide A&E dental insurance
  • FREE emergency assessments

ABC members can add their children to the club for just £1.93pm and ensure they also have healthy teeth and gums.

Click here to find out more

Dentist milton keynes

Appledore is a private Dentist in Milton Keynes, winner of the best dentist in Milton Keynes 2020, offering a great club specifically for Appledore patients only, open during Covid wherever possible – with very stringent cross infection controls, offering patients 0% finance, Appledore have a happy team who will make your visit memorable as we really do care about our patients. Contact us today and ensure you look after your teeth and gums and continue to have a confident and healthy smile.

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