How To Look After Your Smile

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dental hints and tips

Some great hints and tips about how to look after your teeth inside Issue 1

Includes tips on oral health, healthy snacks and what your dentist knows about your smile.

Oral heath tips from your local dentist in Milton Keynes – go the extra (s)mile

  1. Eat more fruit and veg to help your teeth – 55% of oral cancers can be linked to not eating enough fresh fruit and veg. It will also help you feel much better in your general health!
  2. Quit smoking – we know you’ve heard it before but smoking really isn’t good for you. We know that quitting is very hard but doing so will decrease your chances of gum disease and oral cancer, your breath will smell better, your teeth will look brighter and even food will taste better – we guarantee it! Contact us for advice and help on quitting.
  3. Cut back on sweets and fizzy drinks. All those fizzy drinks, chocolate bars and chewy sweets can take their toll. By cutting back on sugar and educating yourself about foods with hidden sugars you’ll feel better and give your teeth a better chance of survival!
  4. Improve your smile. Chipped or stained teeth? You’d be amazed at the difference in your appearance when you treat yourself to some simple cosmetic dental treatments. Start taking action to make your smile brighter!
  5. Aim for great oral heath! Here at Appledore Dental Clinic in Milton Keynes we can help you take big steps in looking after your oral health, helping prevent gum disease and worse. Your oral health also offers valuable insight into other health issues you may not be aware of so let your local dentist in Milton Keynes look after you and your teeth.

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