Straight Teeth Regardless Of Your Age

At Appledore we have a range of teeth straightening options to suit your needs, including Invisalign clear braces, fixed braces and braces for children.

Invisalign Milton Keynes


Invisalign is a modern and almost invisible way to straighten your teeth, suitable for adults and teenagers

Invisalign Retainer Milton Keynes

Invisalign Retainer

Wearing Invisalign retainers after traditional braces or treatment means you’re keeping your teeth in their new position

Fixed Braces

Fixed braces are very good for correcting complex dental problems, suitable for all ages.


Myobrace appliance for one to two hours each day

Braces for children

Choose from a variety of treatment options for braces for children

Removable braces

Removable  are made up of a plastic plate and wires and, as their name suggests, can be removed for eating, brushing and flossing

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Get Your Teeth Straightened Today!

Invisalign offer

Invisalign Straight Teeth Special Offer

If you already have a written quote from another dentist in Milton Keynes, book in to see Dr Teresa our Clinical Director and she will beat that quote!

If you don’t have an existing quote, you will receive this fantastic offer…

Straighten Crooked Teeth, Close Unsightly Gaps

No Need To Be Registered With Appledore

Offer Ends March 31st So Call And Book Now On 01908 230 209

“The most modern and almost invisible way to straighten your teeth”

Appledore can straighten your teeth with Invisalign, a series of invisible aligners. It’s suitable for teenagers and adults. This option is used by celebrities.

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