Why Do Teeth Get Crowded And What Can We Do About It Without Taking Teeth Out?

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Many people think that the reason the teeth get crowded is due to genetics.

‘Oh, I inherited big teeth from my dad and a small jaw from my mum’.

In a very few number of people this can be true, but it is extremely rare. Genetically it is more normal to inherit missing teeth.

The real reason teeth get crowded is a lack of growth. This is caused by the actions of the muscles of the mouth in mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, reverse swallowing and thumb sucking, which are known as incorrect myofunctional habits.

These habits start early and are often associated with allergies or asthma:

  • A child will have a blocked nose
  • Start mouth breathing
  • And then not relearn to breathe through their nose
  • This then changes the development of the airway and the face.
  • Click here to see how this happens

If a child is a mouth breather:

  • Their tongue is unable to rest in the correct position
  • And their mouth will remain open
  • This causes the muscles of their jaws and face to restrict correct forward growth
  • Forcing it backwards and downwards
  • Resulting in narrow jaws and a long underdeveloped face

If these muscles are functioning correctly, with the tongue is in the proper position and the mouth predominantly closed, normal growth will occur giving enough room for the front and back teeth to fit into their correct position.

How do I know if my child has a problem?

Any of these are signs that not all is well in your child’s mouth

  • Are you constantly telling your child to close their mouth?
  • Do they eat noisily with their mouth open?
  • Do they snore or grind their teeth?
  • Have you noticed that their adult teeth are starting to come in crooked?

How can we fix it?

If a child is seen at Appledore whilst they are still growing we can use an appliance called a Myobrace along with a series of exercises to help to retrain their tongue, lip and cheek muscles.

Myobrace children dentist milton keynes

Myobrace are a series of appliances which are generally worn for 1-2 hours a day followed by night wear. The exercises should take up around 10 minutes a day

By correcting their muscles, we can normalise growth.

Their teeth will generally then erupt in the right place, eliminating the need for extractions. Minor rotations of the teeth can then be treated simply.

How do we get started?

Appledore offer a FREE initial consultation by video link. Dr Teresa will chat with you and your child and will be able to offer advice on the options for treatment.

If you would like a FREE video consultation, just fill in the ‘contact us’ form on our web and we will be in touch.

Dentist Milton Keynes Dr Teresa

Dr Teresa our Clinical Director and Founder (who originally trained at the esteemed Guys Dental Hospital, London) has been offering teeth straightening treatments for over 35 years

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