Adult Teeth Straightening – Am I Suitable ?

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Invisalign Milton Keynes Dental

Many dental practices are reporting an increase in adult patients seeking treatment to straighten their teeth. There is also real concern about the numbers looking for ‘DIY’ treatment in a new survey released by The British Orthodontic Society (BOS). 

The majority of adult patients (85%) are in the 26-55 age bracket and most likely to be female (80%)

Over half (60%), say this is due to heightened awareness of adult   orthodontics, and more than 15% of orthodontists say their adult patients are influenced by celebrities and bloggers

At Appledore Dental Clinic, we have seen increased demand for teeth straightening. We believe there are a number of reasons for this:-

  • Prolific adverts on prime time TV for a well known brand of DIY aligners
  • The rise in Zoom meetings – how often have you seen yourself close up on screen in the last 6 months?
  • Money saved by working at home

As the demand for adult orthodontics (teeth straightening) increases, so do the options for patients. The statistics also show concern around the dangers of ‘direct to the consumer’ teeth straightening – also known as ‘DIY braces’. Nearly two thirds of orthodontists surveyed (65%), are concerned that more patients will be seeking ‘DIY braces’ both during and after lockdown.

With many practices dealing with a lockdown backlog of patients and members of the public more aware of issues surrounding close contact, there is concern that more people may put themselves in danger with these ‘DIY’ options.

DIY orthodontic treatment can be extremely damaging:

  • You will not have been seen by a dentist
  • You could have dental or indeed medical conditions that are missed
  • Your mouth may not be in a suitably healthy state to have orthodontic treatment – the orthodontic movement of your teeth could in these circumstances cause you to damage your gums or to even lose teeth

At Appledore Dental Clinic we recommend that all patients visit an experienced and suitably qualified dentist to ensure that they have the various options open to them explained, in person, so they can make an informed decision.

Dentist Milton Keynes Dr Teresa

Dr Teresa our Clinical Director and Founder (who originally trained at the esteemed Guys Dental Hospital, London) has been offering teeth straightening treatments for over 35 years, she is a Gold Invisalign Provider 

You can talk directly to Dr Teresa:-

  • To keep you safe Appledore offer an initial FREE consultation by video link just fill in the ‘contact us’ form on our website and we’ll be in touch
  • You can ask Dr Teresa questions and find out which teeth straightening options are available to you and you can show her your teeth and tell her what you don’t like about them
  • Dr Teresa straightens teeth for adults of all ages, even in their 70’s
  • After the initial FREE consultation you will need to attend the clinic to have a FREE 3D scan of your mouth – this is both pain free and quick.  You will be temperature checked before you are allowed into the clinic and we do adhere to a very strict regime to ensure the safety of you and our team, this will be explained to you before your appointment
  • After the scan you would meet in person with Dr Teresa

Once you have said YES to straight teeth treatment at Appledore – what happens?

  • You would usually be able to start straight teeth treatment at Appledore Dental Clinic within 2-3 weeks
  • Treatment for straight teeth is an investment in your smile and in your health, it is not something to be taken lightly as it can take over 6 months of dedicated appliance wearing
  • Appledore offer Interest FREE finance with the usual credit checks
  • Appledore are pleased to partner with Wani Olatunde Photography, a premiere boutique photography studio based in Old Stratford, Milton Keynes, to offer a post-treatment free photoshoot!
dentist Milton Keynes award winning autumn 2020newsletter

Did you know Appledore recently won an award? Best Dentist Milton Keynes 2020

If you would like general advice about teeth straightening The Safe Brace Campaign – – is a trusted space where patients can get advice about the safest and most effective way to have orthodontic treatment.

Peter McCallum, BOS Director of External Relations, commented: “It is good to see the number of adults interested in orthodontics remains high, we know that treatment can give people the straight and confident smile they have always dreamed about. We want to ensure patients are given the very best advice about orthodontic treatment. Our members, specialists and dentists with a special interest, offer a range of options for adults, enabling them to provide a solution to any kind of orthodontic problem.”

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