The Sign Of Ageing They Never Mention – Mechanical Issues

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Given that the primary function of our teeth is mechanical, a little wear and tear is to be expected. They break up, mash up and tear our food to make it easier to digest, and so nature has made them pretty resistant to cracks and chips. But if we bite down on something too hard, like a kernel of un-popped popcorn, ice or an olive pit, you can still crack your tooth. This can be filled of course, but teeth that have had fillings, root canals or other work are much weaker than your natural ones. Over the years, we may experience a few of these episodes, and so we see mechanical problems turn up in our teeth.
dentist milton keynes treats grinding teeth issues
Grinding teeth?

One of the main things that causes wear and tear problems in adulthood is the grinding or clenching of teeth, also known as bruxism. Because bruxism is often caused by stress or anxiety, it tends to develop most commonly in adults. Over time, the grinding and clenching of teeth wears down the biting surfaces of your teeth, making them thinner and more susceptible to decay. To prevent mechanical wear and tear on your teeth, avoid chewing very hard foods like ice, and double check to make sure that pitted foods have no pits or seeds left inside before you bite down on them.

Our bodies are natural, organic things, which means that they will change as we get older. Just like we did in puberty, getting older brings on a wide range of changes in our bodies – including in our mouths, where we might not notice them as easily. But unlike our hair, our teeth will not grow back if they are lost or damaged, so it’s important to take care of them. Make sure you see your dentist regularly, as they will be able to spot the signs of cracks, damage, gum disease or even early signs of bruxism, If you think your teeth are changing, and you would like some advice on how to take care of them, just get in touch with us today to book your check-up.


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Milton Keynes dentists treats grinding teeth issues

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