“The most modern and almost invisible way to straighten your teeth”

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Appledore can straighten your teeth with Invisalign, a series of invisible aligners.  It’s suitable for teenagers and adults.  This option is used by celebrities. 


  • As you cannot see the aligners being worn
  • As you can use whitening gel and have a fantastic white smile as your teeth are being straightened



 milton keynes dentist straight teeth with invisalign


The person on the far left is wearing Invisalign  


Can you see them ? ‘No’ Because they are virtually invisible – Fantastic! 




The Invisalign system is a series of clear aligners, which are worn to gently move your teeth into their new positions.


You will need to wear them all the time, except for eating and cleaning.





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Milton Keynes dentists straight teeth with invisalign


Achieve a fantastic new smile, discreetly!


Sam before Invisalign treatment at Appledore Dental Clinic Milton Keynes
Sam Before Appledore Invisalign Treatment
Sam's straight teeth treatment at Appledore Dental Clinic Milton Keynes
Sam After Appledore Invisalign Treatment

 “Wow!  I can’t believe my before photo. I’d forgotten how crooked/gappy they were.  
Invisalign at Appledore is the BEST thing I have ever done 

It’s given me so much more confidence. Wish I’d done it earlier! ” 


 Says Sam from Milton Keynes.  

 Milton Keynes dentists straight teeth with invisalign
5 Reasons Why So Many People Love Invisalign
1.  No unsightly or uncomfortable braces ! 
2.  Invisalign Aligners are almost invisible, no-one knows you are wearing them (unless you tell them)
3.  You can brush & floss your teeth properly
4.  Removable, so you can still eat all your favourite foods
5.  Invisalign is suitable for a large age range, from 13 – 80


Milton Keynes dentists straight teeth with invisalign

 No need for yukky impressions at Appledore, we have an Itero scanner, its fabulous!

To transform your smile, contact Appledore Dental Clinic Milton Keynes and you will start smiling more

Milton Keynes dentists straight teeth with invisalign

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