Signs your child’s jaws are not growing well

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Signs your child's jaws are not growing well
Signs your child’s jaws are not growing well

Does your child:-
~ have difficulty breathing through their nose?
~ grind their teeth at night?
~ snore?

Are you always telling them:-
~ to close their mouth when they are eating
~ to make less noise when they are eating?

Have you noticed that their teeth are crooked, stick out, or don’t meet?

Most orthodontic problems, particularly crowded teeth and an underdeveloped lower jaw, are caused by habits such as mouth breathing and tongue thrusting. If these habits are not corrected the necessity for braces will be increased.

At Appledore Dental Clinic we are firm believers in early intervention
Non-extraction orthodontics.

With a dental appliance from Appledore DentalClinic your child’s jaws will be encouraged to grow correctly.

Treatment is simple and effective. It does not involve wearing braces or using complex and uncomfortable dental appliances 24/7

Wearing an appliance for just one to two hours each day and whilst sleeping, combined with a few simple yet effective exercises each day is all it takes for a real change to occur.

Dr Teresa our Clinical Director and Founder is one of only a few dentists in the UK offering this transformational treatment.

Book your child’s place now, no obligation to have treatment, advice will be given. 

Call 01908 230 209 or email

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